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Semiconductor & Electronic Devices Industry

We have been providing software solutions to many of the leading companies in the Semiconductor & Electronic Device industries for 30 years. We provide Quartz PCI software for microscopy that includes image processing, measurement, annotation and report generation. Our Quartz PCI-AM module provides automated measurement for semiconductor features. We also provide our complete and configurable Quartz LIMS laboratory information management system that supports all types of instrumentation and testing equipment including microscopes, surface analysis and chemical analysis instruments. The Quartz LIMS product line includes Quartz FA-LIMS for image-intensive FA work, Quartz RE-LIMS for reliability labs and Quartz CH-LIMS for chemical analysis labs. We can also configure hybrid systems for multi-functional labs.

Innovative Software Solutions for a Faster, Smarter Lab

Some of the biggest names in the Semiconductor and Electronic Device sectors have improved the lab’s performance and productivity with FA-LIMS, RE-LIMS and CH-LIMS.