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We are Proud to Introduce Four New Products

New November 01, 2021

New versions of PCI v11, PCI-AM v8, PCI/CFR v5 and RE-LIMS are just released!


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ISTFA 2021 – Riding the wave of system-in-package (SIP) Phoenix Convention Center Phoenix, Arizona, USA

October 31st – November 4th, 2021

In the 21st century, the electronic market will be driven by consumers with demands of immediate entertainment, fast access of information, and communications anywhere in a personalized fashion and at affordable prices. The new challenge is not how many transistors can be built on a single chip as in SoC (System-on-Chip), but rather how to integrate diverse circuits together predictably, harmoniously and cost effectively. Instead of getting twice the transistors for the same cost as Moore’s Law predicted in the past 50 years, the goal of SIP is to obtain the same number of transistors for half the cost within less than half the time to market. What are the challenges that growing SiP technology bring to the failure analysis from sample preparation, fault isolation, to physical defect localization and root cause identification?

ESREF 2021

October 4th – October 7th, 2021

For this 32th edition, in addition to the core topics of the conference, we would like to involve the major actors of aeronautics, space and embedded systems industry to provide specific topics such as radiation hardening, very long-term reliability, high/low temperature challenges, obsolescence and counterfeit issues, wide band gap power devices for the more electric aircraft and other embedded system applications.

IPFA 2021

September 14th – October 13th, 2021

The 28th edition of the IEEE International Symposium on the Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits (IPFA 2021) will be held virtually from 14th of September – 13th of October. IPFA will continue to focus on the fundamental understanding of the electrical and physical characterization techniques and associated technologies that assist in probing the nature of wear-out and failure in conventional and new CMOS devices, in turn resulting in improved knowhow of...

Recorded Webinars

Organizing, Saving and Accessing Your Data: Generating Reports

Duration: 0:56:58

Measuring, Annotating and Processing Tips and Tricks

Duration: 1:08:16