Corporate Information


  • Quartz PCI launched in 1993 - first widely used passive capture system to acquire digital images from analog SEMs
  • Strategic relationship with major EM OEM in 1993
  • Launched first LIMS system in 1997
  • Quartz XOne for EDX introduced in 1999
  • Developed Collaboration Microscopy in 2000
  • Introduced Quartz PCI for CFR to Pharmaceutical sector in 2003
  • Launched new format Quartz FA-LIMS in 2006
  • Introduced Gatekeeper product line in 2007
  • New USB version of Slow Scan launched in 2012
  • Quartz PCI-AM Automated Measurement Module for Semiconductor Metrology launched in 2013
  • Released first version of Quartz RE-LIMS in 2015
  • Added Batch Processing to Quartz PCI-AM Automated Measurement in 2017
  • Released version 6 of Quartz PCI-AM with new advanced Edge Detection
  • Added Resource Planning Manager to Quartz RE-LIMS in 2020
  • Released Quartz PCI Version 11, Quartz PCI-CFR Version 5 and Quartz PCI-AM Version 8 in 2021
  • Introduced Quartz CH-LIMS in 2021
  • Launched Quartz LIMS in 2022

Management Team

Andrew Brown


Andrew founded Quartz Imaging in 1993. He was personally responsible for the development of Quartz PCI Version 1.0 and remains very active in product development at Quartz.

Andrew received his first microscope (from Santa Claus) at the age of seven and, since then, has been fascinated by the microscopical world. For his undergraduate project at university, Andrew worked on the design and development of a scanning tunneling microscope. He feels that one of the best parts of his current job is working with microscopists around the world helping them produce amazing images.

In addition to product development, Andrew has expertise in new enterprise planning and development, international marketing and sales and in developing strategic partnerships.

Andrew enjoys sailing, skiing, photography and spending time with his family. He is a struggling golfer.

Andrew has a degree in Engineering Physics from The University of British Columbia.

David J. Wood

Vice President, Sales

Prior to joining Quartz Imaging Corporation in 2010, David spent 25 years in the technology sector providing strategic and operational expertise. Working primarily with start up and early stage companies through to being fully operational or acquired, he has held CEO, COO and VP level responsibilities. His expertise was leveraged to assist these companies with establishing a strategic direction, creating financeable business plans and providing leadership in high growth and turn around environments.

David thrives on helping customers solve complex problems and is passionate about golf. You can call him David, Dave or even 'Woody' — just don't call him late for a tee time.

David has operated his own company providing consulting services to companies in a number of industries and countries as well as venture capital firms. He earned a BA in Economics from the University of Western Ontario and has served on the Board of Directors of a number of companies.