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4 New Products
PCI Lab and Office – Version 11
What's New in Version 11
Windows 11 Compatibility
Our first version that supports Microsoft Windows 11.
Unicode Support
Images can be annotated and reports generated using Unicode characters. This means better support for languages not using Roman characters and better data sharing within international organizations.
Mouse Wheel Zooming and Scrolling
You can now use your mouse to zoom in and out and scroll horizontally and vertically.
Works with More Types of Instruments
PCI v11 now reads calibration information from Delong electron microscopes and Keyence light microscopes, in addition to the numerous types of files already supported.
Field of View (FOV) Read Out
For calibrated images PCI v11 will display the field of view of the image in the status bar under the image.
PCI-AM – Automated Measurement – Version 8
What's New in Version 8
Improved Edge Detection
Better edge detection, particularly for TEM images.
Image Auto Rotation
Automatically orient features horizontally and vertically for ease of measurement.
Add Measurement Tolerance Specifications
To determine if any measurements are out of specification.
Can set minimum and/or maximum values for all measurements.
Can flag or ignore missing measurements.
Auto Layer Detection and Measurement
If needed these lines can be moved.
Add Additional Reference Lines
Assist in making desired measurements.
PCI/CFR – FDA CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance – Version 5
What's New in Version 5
New Encryption Technology
PCI/CFR uses the most recent encryption technology.
Audit Trail
Record user's Security ID (SID) in audit trail.
Add explanatory text to log-in and signing dialogs asking users to supply Windows credentials.
Spider image transfer records original file name in audit trail.
Updated image acquisition capability for various instruments.
V5 can read V4 files.
RE-LIMS – Laboratory Information Management System for Reliability and QA Labs
What's New in RE-LIMS
New and Powerful Resource and Priority Manager
You can take your complete Project Planning Chart offline (in 'sandbox' mode) and test how any change in one project will impact the completion date of other projects. This will allow you to always maximize the use of your lab equipment even when you are asked to complete rush high priority projects.
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