Advanced Functions for Semiconductor Metrology

The AM (Automated Measurement) module adds advanced metrology functions to Quartz PCI that automate semiconductor feature measurements.

Unlike tools designed for in-line metrology using top view images, PCI AM is particularly well suited for measuring semiconductor features in cross-section images from SEMs (X-SEM) and TEMs in laboratory, process development and engineering environments. Multiple edge detection techniques are employed depending on the nature and source of the image.

Semiconductor Features

Tools are provided for automatically measuring trenches, pillars, lines, spaces and circular features. Within these features, you can measure widths and heights, sidewall and center angles (in multiple regions) and edge roughnesses.

Click to see a PCI-AM screencast

Click to see a screencast

Two Levels of Automation

The system offers two levels of automation. In the first instance, engineers simply click inside a device feature and the feature is automatically measured in accordance with a "recipe" that has been set up. In the second instance, once multiple features in an initial image have been measured, the same features can be measured in subsequent images with a single click. The system automatically adjusts for misalignment among the images.

Benefits of Automatic Semiconductor Feature Measurement

With PCI AM, dozens of semiconductor feature measurements on an image can be reduced to a single mouse click, resulting in very significant time savings versus manual measurements. In addition, inaccuracies and inconsistencies among engineers can be reduced. PCI AM also simplifies data collection and aggregation through its options to export metrology data to spreadsheet files.

Data Collection

The measurement results are displayed on the image and in a spreadsheet grid. The data in the grid can be easily exported into a CSV file suitable for importation into other software such as Microsoft Excel allowing for further statistical analysis. Data from multiple images can be aggregated into a single spreadsheet file. The images and data can also be easily included in standard Quartz PCI reports with just a few clicks.

Custom Development

Quartz Imaging has a long history of providing specialized metrology solutions to the semiconductor industry. If you have unique measurement requirements, we would be delighted to discuss development of a custom metrology solution with you.

Quartz PCI-AM: Key Benefits