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Digital Image Acquisition, Processing and Measurement

Microscope Digital Image Acquisition, Processing and Measurement


QUARTZ PCI: Imaging Software for Microscope Users

Quartz PCI is the preferred image acquisition, archiving and measurement software of thousands of researchers around the world. PCI software helps you manage all aspects of the imaging process including acquisition, annotation, measurement, reporting, archiving and retrieval.

Image Acquisition

Specialized modules are available for microscope image capture from SEMs, STEMs, TEMs, light microscopes, video sources, TWAIN devices and virtually any other kind of imaging instrument.

Image Measurement, Annotation and Processing

Once the images are acquired, PCI Lab & Office provide a complete set of processing and display functions including image zooming, pseudo-coloring, brightness, contrast and gamma adjustment, color correction, smoothing, sharpening etc. Anaglyph stereo images can be constructed and aligned. PCI Lab & Office can even be extended with custom processing and analysis functions by taking advantage of its "plug-in" interface for programmers. Images can be annotated with PCI's drawing tools, which operate on a separate "overlay layer". You can move or edit the overlay elements at any time without affecting the image underneath.

PCI is the image measurement software of choice of most semiconductor manufacturers. Tools are included for length, area and angle measurement. With our optional PCI/AM module, image measurement software functionality is extended to include automatic measurement of semiconductor features.

Archiving – PCI Image Database

PCI Image Database

PCI Lab & Office include powerful tools to help you access and manage your images intuitively and to turn those images into usable information. Quartz Imaging's scalable family of high-performance database solutions can help a single microscopist keep track of hundreds of images or help an entire organization keep track of millions of them.

The Workgroup Database is included with every copy of PCI Lab & Office. Designed for facilities with up to approximately 10 users, the Workgroup Database provides a simple, yet powerful, introduction to image database systems.

Based on Microsoft® SQL Server™, PCI's Enterprise Database supports thousands of users, millions of records and terabytes of data in a robust, enterprise-grade environment.

Quartz Imaging's LIMS systems allow anyone connected to the network to perform queries and retrieve images and other documents from the PCI database using a standard Web browser.

Report Generator


PCI includes a full–featured report layout tool. After you have acquired your images, or even while you are acquiring them, PCI makes it easy to produce polished, professional reports.

PCI database fields can be placed on the report and automatically filled with database information pertaining to the associated image. The same tools that are available for annotating images are available for adding annotations to the report. Master pages and templates facilitate the development of standard reports for your organization, incorporating elements such as corporate logos.

Reports can be exported in the Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® PowerPoint® file formats, so that you can continue working on them in the Microsoft® Office environment. Finished reports can be exported in the PDF for easy distribution to your colleagues and clients.

X-Ray Spectrum Viewing

In addition to acquiring your images, Quartz PCI lets you view and annotate x-ray spectra, both at the instrument and at your office workstations. Data can be imported via the EMSA format. Tools are provided to identify elements, label peaks and add other annotations. Spectra can be exported as images and copied via the clipboard into other software packages.

  • Acquiring
    • Options available to acquire images from virtually any image producing device including slow scan, TWAIN, video capture and digital file import
    • Imports EMSA format x-ray spectra
  • Processing
    • Many functions for improving and adjusting the appearance of your images
    • Reverse raster rotation
    • Tilt correction
    • Construction of anaglyph stereo image
    • SEM resolution measurement
  • Measuring
    • Complete set of image measurement tools
    • Measurement data displayed in grid and can be easily exported
    • Measurement Sequence Feature saves time for repeated measurements
    • New Automated Measurement module for PCI
  • Annotating
    • Complete set of annotation tools
    • Use of overlay layer preserves image
    • Ability to burn in overlay
    • Can have auto applied annotation (eg. company logo or confidential indicator)
  • Archiving
    • Powerful searchable image database included
    • Tracks jobs, sessions, samples, images and other documents
    • Images can be stored in the most popular file formats
  • Reporting
    • Comprehensive built-in report generator and editor
    • Easy to generate report templates
    • With PCI database, can create report in just a few clicks, regardless of number of images
    • Reports can be exported in PDF, Word, and PowerPoint formats