Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)


The only “Image Smart” LIMS

The Internet and corporate Intranets have changed the way people communicate and the way information is distributed within organizations.

Put Your Lab on the Net: Submit Jobs, Retrieve Data

Quartz LIMS uses internet technology to streamline access to your laboratory's information and resources. Anyone (with appropriate security clearance) connected to the network can submit jobs, check job status and search for images and other data using an ordinary web browser.

Images can be retrieved either through structured database searches, where the user fills in and submits a query form or through unstructured, full-text searches, which use web search engine technology to search for keywords across all database fields and even within documents stored in the database. Like Quartz PCI's standard query software, Quartz LIMS's search functions make use of browse lists to minimize typing and the possibility of typographical errors.

Because it uses a standard browser, there is no new software to learn and it is not necessary to install specialized client software at each workstation. All client platforms, including PC, Mac or Unix systems and mobile devices, for which browser software is available, can access the database.

IIS Database Search screen

Structured database search

IIS Database Search Results screen

Database search results


Dynamic Image Compression

Quartz LIMS can dynamically compress and resize images prior to transmission to reduce network bandwidth in accordance with the user's requirements. A user connected with a slow connection may want to receive an image as a highly-compressed JPEG file, while a LAN-connected user who wants to do image processing may prefer the original high-resolution TIFF file.

IIS Image Details screen

User can select size and type of image to download

Full database information displayed with image


All the Tools to Build Your System

Starting with Quartz PCI Lab and the Quartz XOne EDX system, adding Quartz LIMS makes it a snap to get data out of your lab and into the hands of your clients instantly. To further enhance your operation, Quartz PCI Collaboration Microscopy and advanced Quartz FA-LIMS solutions are available as options to the Quartz LIMS package.

Along with the software, comes Quartz Imaging’s commitment to ongoing customer support and assistance. We get you up and running fast—and keep you running.


The Quartz LIMS system gives you all of the advantages of a commercial software package including high standards of polish and reliability, ongoing development effort by professional developers, a large user base, availability of personnel experienced with its use and incorporation of the industry’s best practices. At the same time, it permits, through an easy-to-use web interface, extensive customization. Custom fields can be added easily and forms can be rearranged and relabelled.


Not only does Quartz LIMS make it easy for your clients to submit jobs to the lab and retrieve their data, the system is easy for you to administer. Administration web pages are provided which allow you to adjust application settings, add users, manage security and carry out other administration functions quickly and efficiently.

IIS Administration screen

Enterprise Database

Quartz PCI Enterprise Database forms the foundation of our enterprise-level data collection, laboratory workflow and collaboration systems.

Based on the Microsoft® SQL Server relational database management system, Quartz PCI Enterprise Database offers secure, robust enterprise-wide access to your critical data.

Data is entered into the LIMS system through our Quartz PCI Lab which runs at each laboratory instrument and can be retrieved at office workstations via PCI Office, through our web-based Quartz PCI Enterprise Intranet Image Server.

Quartz Enterprise Database doesn't just store images. It tracks job, session and sample information and allows you to store any kind of document including, for example, images, spectra, reports and spreadsheets. Because Quartz Enterprise Database incorporates powerful, record-level security features, users see only the data they are entitled to see.

Quartz LIMS offers:

  • Universities & Colleges

    Microscopy labs in universities usually have multiple missions — including research, teaching, and outside service work. Often they support multiple departments on campus.

    • Submission of requests and retrieval of results from the internet, allowing external clients and on-campus users to make requests and access data remotely.
    • Making instrument bookings via the web using Quartz Gatekeeper. Gatekeeper also controls access to the instruments themselves, reducing damage and misuse.
    • Remote control and collaboration functionality that makes it easier for departments to share instrumentation in a central facility.
    • The ability to view and operate instruments from lecture theaters for more dynamic teaching.
  • Research, Service, Quality Assurance & Other Labs
    • Submission of requests and retrieval of results from the internet or intranet, allowing external clients and internal users to make requests and access data remotely.
    • Collaboration functionality that allows for interaction with clients to ensure that the desired images are being produced.
    • Database security so that one client's results cannot be seen by another.
    • Secure record keeping for regulatory compliance.
    • Easy retrieval of historical data to reduce the amount of repeated work.
  • Database Solutions for Labs & Enterprises

    If you have more than 10 PCI users (PCI Lab & Office), we recommend that you use PCI Enterprise Database.

    PCI's Enterprise Database:

    • Based on Microsoft® SQL Server.
    • Supports thousands of users, millions of records and terabytes of data in a robust, enterprise-grade environment.
    • You can add PCI Intranet Image Server to PCI Enterprise Database to create a powerful Laboratory Information Management System.
    • Semiconductor clients will want to add our PCI Analytical Lab Manager to complete their PCI FA-LIMS system.